Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stila #21 Blush Brush

As you can see in my previous pictures, I'm very fond of the Stila #21 blush brush. In fact, it was one of my first 'branded' brushes and a favourite of mine ever since. I prefer using animal hair brushes for my powder prioducts, leaving synthetic brushes for use with liquid foundations, gel blushes and eyeliners.

What it is:
This bell shaped brush has bristles manicured to a flat top. A corner edge applies color precisely beneath the cheekbone for a contoured cheek look. The flat circular top of the brush puts cheek color down on top of the cheekbone in one sweep. (taken from amazon.com)

Double duty, can be used as a blush brush & a cheek contour brush

Material: Fine Goat hair

Normally I would swirl my brush onto the entire surface of the blush, but this brush has tiny bristles sticking out so that by doing so, excess powder is picked up and flicked off to the side. So I just carefully pres the brush into the pan, lift it and re-press into the pan until it has picked up the correct amount.

see how some hairs are longer than others?

I reccomend using this brush for all blushes, as you can control the amount to be picked up. I've never used it for contouring though, but I can see how it could work as its has a flat surface.

Price: US$45

There are rumours that Stila is pulling out of Singapore, so grab this brush while you still can! Hopefully there will be more price reductions to come.

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