Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This blog is meant to house my reviews on the things that i buy, so while most will be beauty related from time to time I will also post about my other purchases. With that being said i hope you will find the information here useful to you :)

First things first, i bought a new laptop, specifically the Fujitsu L1010 at the last IT Fair as I needed a replacement for my aging IBM R50 that is slowly dying on me. What drew me to this laptop over others in the same price category/specs were its looks. Yes I admit that I like a white laptop, but I'm not about to shell out for a mac, nor do I wish to own one. Plus, the salesman told met that the keyboard is good for people with long nails as its easier to type. (This is so-so only though, as I find that my nails sometimes get caught in the small space between keys.) Anyway, here are the pics:

after applying the all-white notebook wrap

on all I'm pretty happy with the laptop so far, the speakers aren't the best though so I had to download an updated driver but otherwise its all good

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